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Kernodle and Rudd Street Properties Request


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Issue/Action Requested

The Board of Commissioners will be presented with information from the County's facility planning group that recommends the demolition of the County-owned property known as the Kernodle and Rudd Street Buildings.  The County Manager will request permission to proceed with recommended demolitions of both properties.

Background/Purpose of Request

Alamance County has retained the firm of Clark Patterson & Lee to help develop the first phase of Alamance County's facility plan for the future.  One of the first priorities of the facility plan is to obtain a recommendation for the best use of vacant properties owned by Alamance County.  At this time, Clark Patterson & Lee have evaluated two vacant County-owned properties that include existing structures and have made recommendations for both.  These properties include the Kernodle Building site, located at 316 N. Graham-Hopedale Rd and the Rudd Street property located at 405 Rudd St.  Both buildings have been vacant for several years and have deteriorated to a point where renovation of the existing structures is no longer feasible due to costs.  Clark Patterson & Lee have recommended that both structures be demolished and that the County retain ownership of the sites for future planning purposes.  Bryan Hagood, Alamance County Manager, will recommend to the Board of Commissioners that the County proceed with soliciting bids to demolish both buildings and pay for the demolitions from funds designated for Alamance County facilities that originated from the sale of the PEAK Resources property.  The total amount available from those designated funds is $3,471,970.  The estimated costs in 2015 to demolish the 27,000 square feet of the Kernodle building and abate any hazardous material located within was $121,582.  The County does not have an estimate to demolish the 5,022 square feet of the Rudd Street facility. 

Meeting History

May 21, 2018 7:00 PM  Alamance County Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting

Bryan Hagood, County Manager, requested permission to proceed with demolition of two of our County buildings. The Kernolde Building located at 316 N. Graham-Hopedale Road, and the property located at 405 Rudd Street. After discussion the Board received comments, and Commissioner Bill Lashley, moved to approve the demolition, and the motion was seconded by Commissioner Boswell, and it was approved unanimously.

MOVER:Bill Lashley, Vice Chairman
SECONDER:Eddie Boswell, Commissioner
AYES:Amy Scott Galey, Bill Lashley, Eddie Boswell, Robert E. Byrd