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Federal Inmate Contracts


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The Alamance County Sheriff will request that the Board of Commissioners consider allocating new revenue generated from renegotiated federal inmate contracts to add personnel and equipment to the Alamance County Detention Center as well as to implement an employee retention plan.

Background/Purpose of Request

The Alamance County Sheriff's Office is in the process of renegotiating rates to hold US Marshal and ICE inmates at the Alamance County Detention Facility.  In order to accommodate the federal inmates the Alamance County Sheriff's Office will need to increase the Detention Center's budget by $2,835,046.  The Sheriff is requesting that the Board of Commissioners approve the increase to the Detention Center's FY 18-19 budget to accommodate the new expenses contingent upon the approval of billing rates that will generate new revenue in the amount needed to cover the entire new costs.


A description of the additional costs to house US Marshal and ICE inmates is attached. 


For more information please contact Bryan Hagood at 336-570-4044.


Meeting History

Jan 22, 2019 7:00 PM  Alamance County Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting

Sheriff Terry Johnson said he took an oath to protect all citizens. He stated that he swore to protect citizens of his county, state, and nation against all domestic and foreign enemies. He thanked County Manager Hagood and Susan Evans, Finance Officer for their assistance in determining the figures. He was bothered by Ms. Powers statement that must protect all citizens and he thought about all of the law enforcement officers that have been killed by illegal immigrant criminals. He gave examples of criminal illegal immigrants coming across the border and committing crimes. He asked the Board to look after his detention officers and hold these individuals that have victimized these citizens. Sheriff Johnson reiterated that he took an oath to uphold the law in Alamance County. He said that he cannot control what goes on in other parts of the state but as long as he wears that badge he was going to do what he swore to do and uphold the laws in this county.

County Manager Hagood said in order for Sheriff Johnson to hold ICE and US Marshal inmates his detention center budget would needs to increase by $2.8 million. He reviewed that the Sheriff's Office would need 30 new positions, various vehicles and equipment which was recommended by ICE when they visited the jail. He noted that there was a plan included as a retention tool for detention officers by offering a 3% increase and a separation allowance for detention officers. County Manager Hagood was optimistic that the separation allowance would make the detention officer position more attractive as a recruiting tool and entice the current officer to stay. He commented that Sheriff Johnson was still in the process of negotiating a new per diem rate so they do not have the rates or signed contracts at this time. He pointed out that he and Sheriff Johnson had discussions that the per diem rate needed to cover all expenses and cost coming from housing those agencies' inmates here. County Manager Hagood asked the board to approve Sheriff Johnson's budget needs contingent upon the fact that the county would negotiate the rates and obtain signed contracts. Commissioner Sutton spoke that he supported this and wanted to make sure the per diem was calculated correctly and nothing was left out. He recalled 15.5 years ago when they traveled to Alabama, INS felt they needed to pay for some of the capital. He inquired whether the per diem rate had any consideration for wear and tear on the on the county facilities. Ms. Evans explained they had worked with Summerall group out of DC to formulate these expenses and she said they claimed indirect cost. Sheriff Johnson mentioned that the current rate was$82.07/per day and he asked for $155/per day. He said they should have an answer within the next 24-48 hours. County Manager Hagood commented they have asked for a guarantee of 50 beds and once negotiations were completed he would come back with a budget amendment to transfer the funds in the detention center budget. Chair Galey clarified that the motion was to amend the Sheriff's Budget if Sheriff Johnson can negotiate the rates.

MOVER:Bill Lashley, Commissioner
SECONDER:Steve Carter, Commissioner
AYES:Amy Scott Galey, Eddie Boswell, Bill Lashley, Tim D. Sutton, Steve Carter