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Action Item

Historic Properties Commission- Laurie Smith, Chris Wells, & Aric Geda




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Issue/Action Requested

The Alamance County Historic Properties Commission has two re-appointments Laurie Smith and Chris Wells.  The commission also has a new appointment Aric Geda.

Background/Purpose of Request

The Historic Properties Commission has two members up for reappointment and a request for a new member.  The Commission voted at their February 11, 2020 meeting to recommend approval of re-appointing Laurie Smith and Chris Wells to the Commission and to appoint Aric Geda as a new member.  Their terms would be for three years and expire December 31, 2022. This Board is looking for additional members at this time.

Meeting History

Mar 2, 2020 9:00 AM  Alamance County Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting
MOVER:Bill Lashley, Commissioner
SECONDER:Steve Carter, Vice Chairman
AYES:Bill Lashley, Amy Scott Galey, Steve Carter, Eddie Boswell, Tim D. Sutton