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Mar 2, 2020 9:00 AM

FY2019-20 PM Program Mid-Year Report


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  2. PM MidYear 2019-20 Final 2-24-20

Issue/Action Requested

A mid-year report will be presented by Bryan Hagood to share progress on the FY2019-20 PM Program goals.  The report provides an overview of annual performance management activities that help achieve strategic initiatives within the strategic plan.   While only a few goals have been included in the report, a complete list of department goals with current performance information is available on the County website.

Meeting History

Mar 2, 2020 9:00 AM  Alamance County Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting

County Manager Hagood provided a mid-year report to the Board on the Performance Management Program for fiscal year 19-20. He mentioned that providing this report was one of the County Manager's Office performance management goals. He though this helped to ensure that the goals were being monitored. He recalled that last year, the performance management goals were tied to the county's strategic plan as a way to help further the initiatives of the strategic plan. County Manager Hagood highlighted some of the successes of the report.