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Mar 2, 2020 9:00 AM

Alamance County Board of Adjustment Presentation


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Issue/Action Requested

Alamance County currently has a requirement in the watershed ordinance that a Board of Adjustment be created to handle variance requests on watershed regulations.

Background/Purpose of Request

The Alamance County Inspections department administers the watershed protection ordinance.  In that ordinance there is language that allows property owners to ask for a variance on a portion of the regulations in the ordinance.  The Alamance County Watershed Ordinance Board of Adjustment is the group that is tasked with hearing these requests.  The Board of Adjustment has not met in approximately 20 years.  This Board needs to be appointed so that these requests can be heard. 


The County is also looking to make required changes to the ordinances of the County.  North Carolina State law has changed and the County has until January 1, 2021 to come into compliance with those required changes.  As we move forward to make those ordinance changes, we plan to pull the County Ordinances together to make a Unified Development Ordinance.  At that time we would look to make our code enforcement and other pieces more consistent across all of our enforcement policies handled currently under individual ordinances.  We will need to look and see if the Board of Adjustment would be the group to hear all of these variance requests from all parts of the proposed Unified Development Ordinance as we move through the process of writing the UDO.

Meeting History

Mar 2, 2020 9:00 AM  Alamance County Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting

Tonya Caddle, Planning Director, reviewed that the Inspections Department administered the county's watershed ordinance. She mentioned that the watershed ordinance had been updated during the summer of 2018. She noted that the county's Board of Adjustment had not met in over 20 years and there was a current request for a variance. Ms. Caddle continued that since there was no current board to hear the variance, five people were needed to serve on this board and three alternates. She emphasized that the Board of Adjustment had specific membership requirements and that the members had to reside in a watershed. Ms. Caddle stressed that it was necessary to have the seven members immediately and the alternates could be appointed at a later time.

Chair Galey asked Ms. Caddle to give an update on the Land Development Plan meetings. Ms. Caddle responded that she did not have the schedule with her but there were meetings planned for March and April and that information was available on the website.